Things To Do In Maidstone

Looking for things to do in maidstone is so easy. You can start by shopping till you drop. One of England's most important towns has layers upon layers of shopping floors to offer. You begin with The Mall Maidstone and then finish off with the Fremlin Walk.

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Where It's Impossible to End Up Empty-Handed

By then you will have covered a total of almost 900,000 square feet of shopping space. All England shops here. Although the town of Maidstone didn't officially become a town until the middle of the 16th century, it has been inhabited since the Stone Age. Also, it's part and parcel of Kent, which is known as the garden of England.

Lost? Just Follow the River

When you're more keen about exploring the town and its lifestyle, try following the path of the River Medway which cuts the town of Maidstone in half. In fact, the name of the town comes from maidens that used to wash clothes on the large stones by the riverbanks. At the same time, the river was the main conduit for commerce from the early days.

The Maidstone's Story

Paper milling, brewing beer, and farming produce were the order of the day in those days. A reminder of this way of life in Maidstone is the presence of many well-maintained water mills all over the town. Let the history museums tell you the town's rich history, starting with the famed Maidstone Museum. If you still want to know more regarding the town's early beginnings, you can head out to the Tyrwhitt-Drake Museum. Either way, you'll get to know the town like the back of your hands.

Sightings Never to Be Missed

There are many beautiful hotels here to get a good sleep in and give you that old countryside feeling. Just some are the Kent House Bed and Breakfast, the Maidstone Inn, and the Tudor Park Marriott Hotel. Of course, you wouldn't want to miss your sightings of Leeds Castle from just across the river.

Experiencing Life as the Locals Do

For sure, it will all be a picture-perfect journey for a town that is known for its mild summer and winter conditions. That's why over 100,000 people call Maidstone their home. Some 31,000 households share the feeling of being part of history and time standing still even as life goes on. When you still have more time left on your visit, it will be a pleasure to take a ride in the South Eastern Railway which has been around since the middle of the 19th century. The Maidstone Road station will surely give you a well-rounded tour of the town with lots of powerful scenery along the way.